About Us


    We are a carbon fiber composites manufacturer for street/racing cars  based in Vilnius, Lithuania. We make very small amount of parts, but  take every product with high precision, and put a lot of effort to the all aspects of the carbon fiber composites. 
  All our products are made by vacuum resin infusion process with epoxy systems. We make only fully carbon fiber parts, they are not just carbon fiber look, they are all made of carbon without any fiberglass used as most of the manufacturers only aim for the look of carbon fiber, but cover it with fiberglass to make it cheaper, as well as much weaker. We aim for all, the perfect carbon look, lightweight, and super strong parts. Our body panels , such as trunk lids, bonnets weigh 2-3 kg, making it 3 times or more lighter compared to original metal parts, and twice lighter than "carbon" parts from most manufacturers that are made by wet layup technique and backed with fiberglass. 

 Most popular composites fabrication methods to compare:

  • Hand layup(wet layup) 
This is the most popular method used by most manufacturers. Parts made by this method are the cheapest and easiest to make, yet they are the weakest and weigh most. Suitable only for street/show car purposes

  • Resin infusion
This process is used by most manufacturers that need high quality composites for good weight-strength ratio. Mainly used by aviation (plane wings, etc.) reusable energy (wind turbine blades) and other. Yet this fabrication method is more expensive and very difficult. It has properties very close to prepreg carbon. It is suitable for both street/show and racing purposes.

  • Prepreg(dry carbon)
It is the most expensive method, yet the parts made by this method are top strength and weight, they are very low resin to fiber ratio. Mostly used where very high demand parts are required- Formula 1 , supercars and other. 

These are the most common weaves that we use: